Supreme Court Eliminates New Jersey’s Appeal To Sponsor Sports Betting

The United States Supreme Court dismissed a New Jersey appeal, notably from Governor Chris Christie to revive that state’s sports betting law.

Consistent With Federal Ban

The written decision specifies that the court rejects the appeal of the State of New Jersey, prohibiting it from offering sports betting, under a 1992 federal law that institutes the first institutional ban in all states except the Nevada, the only state that offers sports betting during the introduction of that law.

Unconstitutionality Request Refused The

arguments for New Jersey’s appeal were based on the claim that federal law was unconstitutional, but the argument was rejected by the Court. A public referendum on sports betting held in New Jersey in 2011 that had the same conclusion, resulting in the permission to place sports betting with some restrictions.

The claim of unconstitutionality in what has to do with the ban in the states of sports betting in the states. Governor Christie launched an appeal saying it was unconstitutional since all states must be treated equally. What caused some legal opposition from some groups.

The Integrity Of The Game

The fundamental argument against the governor’s appeal is that state-sponsored gambling is a threat to the integrity of the games themselves. The Obama Administration has already endured these concerns and the Supreme Court has just reaffirmed them.

This latest appeal does away with all the legal ways that Christie would have to be able to see sports betting allowed in New Jersey. In general, these decisions mean that the state of New Jersey will not be able to collect part of the profits from this activity because the ban prevents them from sponsoring sports betting, so the decision remains unaltered and only the state of Nevada can place sports betting.

Online Casinos Still At Play

Of course, sports betting sponsorship does not apply to gambling or online casinos . While the acceptance of online casinos is in process, the threat to the integrity of the games in the industry is great, especially when it comes to sporting events.